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District 9 delegates must choose between two very different visions for public education

Unlike ever before, our children are facing untold pressures in politicized schools.

Voters must choose which candidate will best represent the values that will protect children from indoctrination and exploitation.

Utahns across the state are counting on voters in Herriman, Bluffdale, Riverton, South Jordan, West Jordan & Midvale to decide the most pivotal state board of education race in Utah.

Which candidates have collected signatures to bypass the delegate vote at convention?

Natalie Cline

Natalie Cline is NOT collecting signatures. She is going through the caucus/convention system, which is the Republican party’s preferred route, as it respects the voice of the people to be heard in our representative form of government. Democrats who switch parties to vote for the Republican party standard-bearer are trying to silence the voices of true Republicans, who uphold the values of faith, family, and freedom.

Her opponent

Cline’s opponent has collected signatures already, meaning that the delegates’ votes at convention are meaningless to her. She has already secured a place on the primary ballot, snubbing the preferred process of the party she has filed to represent.

Who is endorsing the candidates?

Natalie Cline

Cline’s endorsements include renowned conservative figures, including anti-Marxist scholar Dr. James Lindsay, author Alex Newman, talk show host Kate Dalley, documentary filmmaker Julie Behling, Rep. Phil Lyman, St. George City Councilwoman Michelle Tanner, and countless parents and teachers, in Utah and nationwide.

Her opponent

Her opponent is endorsed by Republicans-in-name-only, including Governor Cox and Lt. Gov. Henderson, DEI advocate State Board candidate and far-left Democrat John Arthur, the left-leaning Education First lobbyists, and others, including left-of-center establishment media and union-backed education bureaucrats. 

Who will the candidates truly represent?

Natalie Cline

Cline has no other employment or affiliation loyalties outside of representing her constituents. She has spoken up publicly for hundreds of parents in her district and across Utah whose concerns have been ignored or dismissed at their local schools and districts. 

Cline has also provided her Facebook page as a platform for teachers who needed anonymity to expose practices in schools that are harming children or breaking the law.

Her opponent

Cline’s opponent works for Jordan School district as an administrator of teaching and learning. Her position makes her responsible to carry out the district’s policies and practices, making it highly unlikely that she will address constituents’ concerns that could challenge anything that would put her employer in a negative light or create a conflict of interest with them.

Where do the candidates stand on data collection, tech & AI in schools?

Natalie Cline

Natalie Cline has been a tireless and vocal opponent on exploitative data collection on students by schools and outside parties. She has pulled contracts from the State Board’s consent agendas consistently to oppose excessive use of tech and data collection on students.

Cline has adamantly fought against the ubiquitous and constant use of Chromebooks and other 1-to-1 devices, as they replace teacher instruction with teacher facilitation of tech platforms that feature curriculum that can change on the fly, without teacher or parent awareness or approval.

Her opponent

Cline’s opponent works in the teaching and learning department in of the school district, which is advancing the use of AI tools for “enhanced” student learning district-wide. These AI tools are a poor replacement for student-teacher interaction and advance conversations with student that are inappropriate for classroom settings. 

Her opponent also believes in “fostering digital literacy” and “personalized learning experiences” both of which promote and are dependent on 1-to-1 digital devices to drive learning and collect large amounts of social emotional student data.

What have the candidates done to proactively fight against harmful programs and content in schools?

Natalie Cline

Cline has spoken to the Jordan District School Board on behalf of parents concerned about protecting same-sex spaces in schools based on biology. She wrote a model policy that explicitly removed sexually explicit materials from schools according to the bright line provisions of law. She has also exposed the Biden administration’s plans to weaponize Title IX definitions of sex to force affirmation of radical gender ideology in schools nationwide.

Her opponent

There’s no record of any public action taken to oppose district or federal policies or practices involving sexually explicit materials, gender-fluid bathroom policies, or Title IX reinterpretation on the part of Cline’s opponent.

Where do the candidates stand on Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Natalie Cline

Cline does not support Social Emotional Learning as it is used by schools and districts. Her website, Higher Ground, has documented the inappropriate embedding and integration of SEL into virtually every aspect of school, including instruction, teacher training, curriculum, assessments, and accountability. Cline believes it is not the proper role of schools to take time away from academics to inform, track, evaluate, measure, and shape children’s personal values, attitudes, and mindsets.

Her opponent

Cline’s opponent supports Social Emotional Learning (SEL), which displaces a focus on foundational academic content and results in schools collecting and tracking absurd amounts of private data from students. Jordan School District contracts with Panorama and uses its SEL tracking and monitoring software to score children on their “social awareness,” “self-management,” sense of belonging,” and other subjective mindsets, attitudes, and value systems. 

Utahns deserve a board member whose first loyalty is to the students and families the system is supposed to serve, rather than to the system itself

Cline’s tireless work to restore normalcy and sound academics in our schools gives the delegates and voters a VERY clear choice

I am not afraid to challenge any system that fails to fight for children, families, and freedom in education.

Fighting for Children, Families, & for Freedom in Education,

Natalie Cline

Natalie’s unique efforts on the Board to protect children from bad agendas are vital

The Patriot Ladies Gala recognizes Natalie Cline for her tireless service to the children & families of Utah

Natalie’s work to protect students from indoctrination receives praise from Utah and across the nation

I fully endorse Natalie Cline for the Utah State Board of Education. She fights for our kids and our freedoms. 


American author of The Marxification of Education, political commentator, and co-founder of New Discourses

Natalie is a warrior for children who has demonstrated incredible courage in standing up to the forces of evil. Because of her bold and courageous stand on principle, she is being relentlessly attacked. That is all the more reason to stand with her. I am honored to offer my full support to Natalie and her heroic efforts to protect children and improve education in Utah.


Award-winning investigative journalist, founder of Liberty Sentinel, and author of Indoctrinating Our Children to Death

Natalie Cline is not only my choice for State School Board—she is my only choice. She has fought for common sense and decency for our children like no other member of the school board. She is 100% dedicated to our kids education and there is no one I trust more than Natalie Cline to implement the standards that we need in public education. I only wish we could have more Natalies that care as much as she does about our kids welfare. She is my ONLY choice. I am so thankful for Natalie.


Cutting-edge nationally recognized radio host, The Kate Dalley Show with over 25 MILLION podcast listens since 2020

Natalie Cline is a dedicated public servant. Too many elected officials spend their time trying to gauge public opinion rather than making the hard calls. Natalie studies the issues and makes informed decisions that greatly benefit our schools and our communities. Please join me in supporting her for state school board.


Utah House Representative, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate 2024 & former San Juan County Commissioner

Natalie Cline is a must have anchor to the Utah ship that continues to drift further and further away from the truth. I can’t imagine not having Natalie as part of the Utah School Board. She’s bold, consistent and dedicated to what Utah needs to be for the future of our children. She has my full endorsement, always.


Former Salt Lake PD Officer, host of the American Moutsos Show

Natalie Cline is a treasure for Utah families and their students. After having worked with Natalie for many years, across State lines, I know she is diligent, constitutionally minded as well as a God-fearing servant.
As being a sought out speaker, mentor and trusted researcher, I know the importance of having the right people in your corner.
Natalie Cline is THAT kind of fighter.


 Retired private educator of 20 years, award winning writer, speaker, and researcher

In a world that has turned upside down—that which used to be seen as good is now seen as bad and that which used to be seen as bad is now seen as good–Utah education needs a fearless defender of faith, freedom and family and a love of the good, the true and the beautiful. Natalie has proven herself willing to stand on what she believes is right even when it means standing alone. Utah education needs her voice. That is why I endorse Natalie Cline for re-election to the Utah State Board of Education.


 President, Libraries of Hope

There is only one true, proven, conservative in the race for State School Board District 9

— only one who will speak the hard truths and take the risks of exposing corruption and indoctrination happening within the system.

I don’t work for the system, and I don’t answer to it— 
I answer to the families and hardworking constituents of my district.
I answer to my conscience and to you, the voter.

My name is Natalie Cline. I have remained vigilant and have fought fearlessly for the children and families of Utah, to restore freedom and sanity to our increasingly out-of-control education system! 

For these reasons and more—the Governor and others want me out of the picture.

For these reasons and more—the Governor is advocating a return to a “governor-appointed board.” Cox wants a board that answers to HIM, and not to YOU.

If Cox can’t APPOINT, he will ANOINT his preferred candidate—who will simply rubberstamp his NEA-aligned education agenda. If the governor is successful in cancelling me or going back to an appointed board, you may never again get another conservative board member that will dare challenge the machine.

The SL County Convention is right around the corner and I would love to meet you in person before then to hear your concerns regarding education in Utah and answer any questions you have for me.

Natalie Cline

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My priorities & what I have exposed, proposed, opposed, & passed
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endorsements that mean the most to me are the thousands of unsolicited letters & comments of gratitude and support from parents and good teachers all over the state who I have personally helped, or who have seen and appreciate the work I am doing, and the transparency, accountability, and understanding I’ve provided

Analysis of attacks on me

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Utah State Board of Education USBE) members acting foolish.

What do you think of this collage?

The below images are all from Utah schools. These are only a fraction of the examples of activist agendas and indoctrination that parents and concerned teachers share with me on a regular basis. 

Utahns deserve a board member whose first loyalty is to the students and families the system is supposed to serve, rather than to the system itself

Thank you for serving as a delegate. I am reaching out to all my delegates with the hope that you will support the crucial work I’ve been doing the past 3 years on behalf of children, parents, and teachers—in District 9, and across the state as well.

My motivation for serving on the board

When I first ran in 2020, it was clear there were many parents like myself— parents who felt like their voices weren’t *important* enough to be heard at the top levels of government…parents who could see that their children were facing troubling trends at school that were NOT okay.

The almost 70% of my constituents who voted for me shared my concerns that public education could and should be better. From the first day I took office, I have been a voice for the voiceless. I have stood for the values of my constituents, and have faced a lot of aggressive & high-profile opposition from two groups: people who are either pushing the radical agendas on our children, or people who, for whatever reason, won’t push back on these agendas.

Some much needed perspective

Recently, in my continued efforts to help parents concerned about the safety of their daughters in school sports, I reposted a school’s social media advertisement which unintentionally drew negative comments. I apologized publicly and personally for this unexpected response, and acted immediately to mitigate any harm to the student pictured in the post. The non-stop media and political firestorm that followed was even more unexpected and absolutely unprecedented. The false characterizations of what I had actually said, done, and intended, and the media’s relentless spotlight on the student continue to this day, even though more than a month has gone by since the family accepted my apology and the sincerity with which it was given.

The extreme & unabated reactions that ensued, from every level, over an unfortunate misunderstanding, raise so many questions. But one thing is undeniably certain—many of the loudest voices who want me out of the way altogether are the very same voices driving or covering for the destructive agendas that I have time and time again stood alone on the board to stop.

Giving the delegates and voters a VERY clear choice

My constituents have never had to question where I stand on ideological indoctrination in the schools. The work I do on the board to protect children’s minds is consistent, transparent, and irrefutable. Please ask my opponent if she would have supported any of these steps or stands I have taken to clean up our schools and help children, parents, and teachers:

  • Supported and signed on to a letter denouncing the NSBA’s letter targeting parents who speak out at board meetings as “domestic terrorists”  
  • Successfully motioned to remove the Board’s 20+ year support of the SHARP survey, which asked children as young as 11  a long battery of highly intrusive and emotionally disturbing questions about sex, drugs, and criminal behavior 
  • Wrote and fought for a model policy that would have unequivocally  held schools to removing sexually explicit material according to the bright lines of the law
  • Removed many of the controversial, politicized Science standards in committee (the Left-leaning majority voted as a Board to restore these activist standards)
  • Exposed the U.S. Department of Education’s latest efforts to  promote the sexualization of children and force radical gender ideology in schools
  • Voted against multiple big money ed-tech and research contracts with companies that push DEI, SEL, and psychometric data collection on students, including Cambium, Kids Read Now, Knowledgeworks, and WestEd 
  • Proposed a resolution that made the case for getting rid of Portrait of a Graduate, the state’s Social Emotional Learning blueprint to transform students’ mindsets to conform to the state’s values & priorities
  • Prevailed in preventing explicit mention of Portrait of a Graduate in the Board’s new vision and mission statements 
  • Successfully co-authored a bill in 2023, HB348, to  protect students’ and parents’ rights of conscience and religious belief , which passed in the legislature with a super majority
  • Warned against school-based health clinics and the push for the state to completely take over the roles that belong to the family, which include providing for their own children’s medical, mental, physical, and emotional needs
  • Proposed a rule that would have forbidden schools from implementing DEI or Critical Race Theory practices
  • Proposed a constitutional amendment to free Utah schools from Federal monies, which constitute only 10% of our funding but controls 90% of what happens in our schools

What has my opponent done in her position in the schools to push back against bad agendas?

Do delegates really believe my opponent will risk biting the hand that feeds her?

I am not afraid to challenge any system that fails to fight for children, families, and freedom in education.

Fighting for Children, Families, & for Freedom in Education,

Natalie Cline