4 years ago I promised that, if elected, I would fight tirelessly to make schools more accountable to families to speak fearlessly for schools to return to the foundational academics that inform & edify our children’s essential liberties. 
I have more than kept my promises, but so much more must still be done. 

Natalie is the ONLY conservative choice for District 9 voters

Don’t be fooled by empty words…Natalie Cline is the only Republican running for District 9 whose track record for fighting against indoctrination in schools is proven

Do voters want another dime-a-dozen bureaucrat on the state board of education? Or do they want a voice for parents and children who will represent them, and NOT the system?

High praise for Cline’s work to clean up schools

I fully endorse Natalie Cline for the Utah State Board of Education. She fights for our kids and our freedoms.

Dr. james lindsay

American author of The Marxification of Education, political commentator, and co-founder of New Discourses

Natalie is a warrior for children who has demonstrated incredible courage in standing up to the forces of evil. Because of her bold and courageous stand on principle, she is being relentlessly attacked. That is all the more reason to stand with her. I am honored to offer my full support to Natalie and her heroic efforts to protect children and improve education in Utah

alex newman

Award-winning investigative journalist, founder of Liberty Sentinel, and author of Indoctrinating Our Children to Death

Natalie Cline is not only my choice for State School Board—she is my only choice. She has fought for common sense and decency for our children like no other member of the school board. She is 100% dedicated to our kids education and there is no one I trust more than Natalie Cline to implement the standards that we need in public education. I only wish we could have more Natalies that care as much as she does about our kids welfare. She is my ONLY choice. I am so thankful for Natalie.

kate dalley

Cutting-edge nationally recognized radio host, The Kate Dalley Show with over 25 MILLION podcast listens since 2020

Natalie Cline is a must have anchor to the Utah ship that continues to drift further and further away from the truth. I can’t imagine not having Natalie as part of the Utah School Board. She’s bold, consistent and dedicated to what Utah needs to be for the future of our children. She has my full endorsement, always.

eric moutsos

Former Salt Lake PD Officer, host of the American Moutsos Show

Natalie Cline is a dedicated public servant. Too many elected officials spend their time trying to gauge public opinion rather than making the hard calls. Natalie studies the issues and makes informed decisions that greatly benefit our schools and our communities. Please join me in supporting her for state school board.

phil lyman

Utah House Representative, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate 2024 & former San Juan County Commissioner

Natalie Cline is a treasure for Utah families and their students. After having worked with Natalie for many years, across State lines, I know she is diligent, constitutionally minded as well as a God-fearing servant.

As being a sought out speaker, mentor and trusted researcher, I know the importance of having the right people in your corner.

Natalie Cline is THAT kind of fighter.

lynn taylor

Retired private educator of 20 years, award winning writer, speaker, and researcher

Utah’s children and families deserve…

freedom to decide their own futures

Schools are increasingly—and alarmingly—partnering with big business  to plan out students’ futures based on the workforce needs of today. As early as elementary school, students feel the pressure to begin planning their adult futures, instead of experiencing the joy of just being kids who learn to love learning for its own sake. I have voted time and time against policies & programs that push kids into workforce pipelines that rob them of the freedom to obtain a well-rounded education that will help them to pursue any future they hope for and dream about for themselves.

freedom to think their own thoughts

Freedom of conscience and religious belief are at the heart of our nation’s very founding, and at the soul of every person, young or old. Children do not check their consciences at the school door. Children need to know they are free to act on their sincerely-held internal sense of right and wrong without fear of punishment. I have fought for and defended student and parent conscience and religious belief protected by the U.S. and Utah constitutions, helping to author HB348, aka “The Rights of Conscience” bill, which became state law in 2023. Schools must respect a student’s and parent’s Constitutional right not to participate in any aspect of school that would violate their conscience or religious belief. 

freedom from indoctrination

The school system must stop pushing widely promoted but deeply flawed and discriminatory social, economic, racial, environmental, and sexual justice ideologies. Children deserve education, not indoctrination. I have written page after page protesting against schools using children to promote global, national, or local agendas; solve for real or manufactured societal problems; or lobby or agitate as activists for causes or social change inside or outside of school.  

freedom from divisive labels

It’s destructive and dehumanizing to create racial and ethnic divisions among children. The Supreme Court recently overturned years of bad law that allowed schools to racially discriminate in the name of non-discrimination. We must pull back on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies that reinforce negative stereotypes, encourage putting kids in boxes with labels that benefit only those who have built an entire industry on profiting from identity politics and programs. I will never stop fighting for every student to be free from divisive “identity” labels, and to be seen instead for the content of their character, and my voting record at the state board backs this up.

freedom to learn untethered from tech

By returning to a strong focus on time-tested, traditional methods & materials for teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and science, our children will be prepared to think and act wisely based on objective self-evident truths without all the negative side effects associated with tech-based learning.

Children are healthier, happier, and better learners if they are not spending the majority of their time in front of screens. But when a child’s public education depends upon the child having to learn a learning management system in order to learn how to do math, or to use a Chromebook for a P. E. class, the system is doing that child a huge disservice. I have voted repeatedly against artificial tech-programs that only counterfeit & dumb-down real learning, and keep children from forming meaningful interpersonal relationships.

freedom from surveillance & Sick-making

So much of the learning that children are doing in school is being tracked, measured, and analyzed by corporations that have partnered with the schools to collect and profit off our children’s mindsets and behaviors. This endless data mining of students isn’t okay, and it constitutes a violation of their 4th Amendment rights. A child’s education should not be conditioned upon that child having to divulge or give the school unfettered access to his or her thoughts and feelings, or to submit to endless surveys and inappropriate psychoanalysis.

My stance has always been clear and I have informed parents repeatedly—schools have no business implementing intrusive Social Emotional learning practices, policies, and pedagogies, nor should they be providing universal mental health services that suggest that our children are patients instead of students.

My efforts to serve my constituents & safeguard faith, family, and freedom have been tireless

The public deserves a board member who will be a voice for securing children’s innocence, parents’ preeminence, and Constitutional rights, anywhere and everywhere, but especially in our local schools.

As a lifelong Republican, I’ve always stood for conservative, family-first principles. I’ve lobbied the state legislature & our national delegation for desperately needed protections for school children.

My work to safeguard faith, family, and freedom has taken me to the United Nations on several occasions, where I learned firsthand of the global agenda to radically transform education around the world by infiltrating local schools and minds with destructive ideologies; intentionally sexualizing our children; and destroying freedom by promoting global and digital citizenship over national and state sovereignty.

Above all, my family is my greatest joy and proudest accomplishment.

My critical work as a board member

Fought to stop sexually explicit materials in schools by proposing a model policy that would have helped prevent porn in any form & spoke on behalf of my constituents to fight obscenity in Alpine School District

Spoke on behalf of my constituents against boys in girls’ bathrooms in Jordan School District & exposed changes to Title IX that weaponize gender identity in schools

Proposed important amendments to English, Science, and CTE standards that promoted factual accuracy, objective truth, and politics-free learning, and fought against efforts at the USBE to obstruct putting these changes forth in committee

Voted repeatedly against wasteful big-money contracts for edtech & SEL programs that collect  students’ data, promote premature workforce pipelines, and promote DEI ideologies, including motioning to successfully withdraw USBE support for the SHARP survey

Co-authored key legislation  securing religious belief & conscience in the classroom, HB348, which passed in 2023 with a super majority, allowing a student or a student’s parent to refrain from participating in any aspect of school that violates their conscience or religious belief

Championed local accountability by proposing a constitutional amendment to untie Utah schools from oppressive  federal mandates and regulations, and by voting against grants that increase government control at the expense of families & their children

Utahns unite around Natalie 

Natalie has not just served as a state board member, but as the state’s board member. Her willingness to speak boldly on the issues that concern parents and teachers has earned her the trust and support of thousands of Utahns from every corner of our family-friendly state.

Read just a few of the hundreds of expressions supporting Natalie

We need more board members to be like Natalie. We need them to stand up for the innocence of our children. Natalie is the only board member I can see who is putting our children before the agenda and striving to protect them by informing parents.

Wendy r., Parents Taking action

Thank you for having the courage to step up and do what you are doing, to weather the attacks, and be the defender for those who cannot defend themselves—our children.

M.C. Rivetti

I am grateful for voices like Cline’s within the USBE, and I will continue to support her and others who stand against the loud complaints of a small minority.

Mayor Bill Hoster, Leeds

We STAND with Natalie Cline!!! Thank you for all her hard work in being an advocate for our children. I have appreciated learning and being aware through all that she posts.

L. Allen

I support Natalie Cline in her defense of protecting children from such indoctrination, exposure and grooming behaviors. She is the brave one to stand up and do the right thing! May the rest of the board be so brave as to stand for the right things for our children.

S. Phillips

I am in support of Natalie Cline. Stand with Natalie Cline and for family decency.

D. Bird

Natalie is one of the only voices of reason, morality, and truth. She listens to the countless parents around Utah that feel the same way she does and represents us.

A. Banagas

[Natalie has] stepped up to advocate for the many that were being silenced about the stuff that their children were being exposed to that had nothing to do with learning original core curriculum and brought it to the light for all to see.

N. Steah

I (and Many of my Friends) support Natalie 100% because she is an outstanding person who represents good morals and the PROTECTION OF OUR INNOCENT CHILDREN!

D. Del Toro

[Natalie] has represented her constituents openly, transparently and accurately in her stance on issues pertaining to inappropriate reading material and sensitive gender topics in school.

t. Stevens

Natalie is working very hard in defense of truth and liberty for Utah’s students.

E. Jewkes

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Natalie Cline for all of the hard work that she is doing and for standing up for what she believes is the right thing to do.

N. Allred

I am a Native American. Natalie Cline represents ideals that are truly American, family centered, and legitimately warns parents when education may be teaching concepts that are off the beaten path.

A. Tahy

We support Natalie Cline. She is the only one on your board who actually cares about kids. their education, and their innocence.

the crofts

I fully support Natalie Cline and her decision-making. I am supremely grateful for everything she is doing for our children and schools. We need Natalie Cline and we need more people like her on the board.

J. Denna

I have been to several presentations that Natalie has given and know her personally. The work that she has done and the research findings she has presented have been outstanding and her character has been above reproach.

t. Denna

I’m in support of Natalie Cline….She is one of the only good school board members and needs to stay.

J. clouse

Natalie is an elected representative and she speaks for me. She is standing for the people who put her there, and doing what those who elected her to do. I stand with Natalie!!!

L. Wood

On behalf of my family and friends, I wanted to commend you for standing up against the evil in public schools. I admire and appreciate your courage and integrity to protect our students.

s. Sukhan

I wish every member of the Board were as concerned about protecting our children from indoctrination and grooming as is Natalie Cline. I believe she has the best interest of children in mind and I appreciate her being on the Board.

B. Brewer

We support Ms. Cline in her efforts to bring common sense to the education system in Utah

J. Peeks

[I] express my complete and total support of Natalie Cline. I have attended many of her presentations and appreciate her thorough research and documentation as to inappropriate material being made available to students.

M. Wilkin

I am extremely grateful for Natalie Cline. I wish the rest of the school board could open their eyes to the dangers being promoted by the progressive left. I think Utah schools should represent the conservative state that we live in. Natalie Cline has been a representative of the silent majority.

r. bliss

I stand with Natalie!

Natalie is a voice of truth and reason and represents us!

Ron & rachel

[Natalie] is a wonderful person and advocate for children. I will defend her till I die.

h. Peterson

We are writing in support of Natalie Cline. She has done a great job in her capacity as a Utah State Board member. She has not been afraid to speak out against the “woke” agenda. She is one of only a few that we can trust.

The Gants

Natalie Cline is a hero. She is a champion for children and families. She is both directing the charge and fighting on the front lines for innocence, conscience, and liberty.

Her positive impact on Utah’s families has been immeasurable. She is loved and trusted by parents who know the difference she has made by speaking the truth without fear or favor. God bless Natalie Cline.

Monica Wilbur

Natalie Cline is the best force that teachers, parents and students have going on in Utah Education. She is wonderfully and boldly protective of children’s rights to be educated in goodness and to have the chance to choose a life path free of risky behaviors.

C. Swasey

We are so thankful for Natalie Cline. We know first hand that what she said about schools in this country is true.

Having Natalie Cline stand up for the safety of our children is just one reason our friends want to move to Utah!

the Kinsers

People like Natalie Cline standing up to the corruption are the only reason that I’m working to make the government school system work.

b. green

Hello, we are two Park City residents, and I was on the Park City school board for two terms. My wife and I totally support Natalie Cline.

the cunninghams

Please stand for and with Natalie Cline as a defender of our children.

e. seegmiller

Natalie Cline is the only board member who seems to care about what the constituents in her area want. In fact what most of us in the state want. In fact, I’d like to inspire a whole bunch of Natalie Clines to run for office. I 100% support Natalie Cline! She is doing exactly what is needed!

t. barson

[Natalie] is correct and should be applauded for courageously stating the obvious.

O. Norton

[Natalie] is an elected board member that many of us elected to represent us. She shares real experiences that Utahns have sent and reported to her because our district will not listen and take action when we report wrong doing in public schools.

c. allred

I support Natalie and ask that you would too. Our tax dollars support our education system and we want the best leadership we can get representing our children. Natalie Cline is that person.

S. Madsen

[W]e need more board members like [Natalie]. We will be voting for more people like Natalie Cline to protect our children.

t. forsyth

I am a constituent in Davis School district and I support Natalie Cline. As a member of the board, Natalie has every right to point out potential flaws in the school district’s curriculum vetting procedures

r. nelson

We support [Natalie] for the work she does to protect Utah’s school children from adult material and from teachers overstepping their roles by inserting themselves inappropriately into children’s lives without parental consent or knowledge.

The Riedleys

I want to express my support for Natalie Cline in her fight to hold local school boards, district administration and teachers accountable to the intentional exposure of explicit and vulgar content within curriculum and printed materials found in school libraries and classrooms.

k. bitting

I am a Utah resident and mother of an 8-year-old. I have been concerned about many aspects of K-12 education in Utah ever since my son began school in 2019. I met Natalie Cline in 2022 and have become aware of her work.

Let Natalie do her work! Support her!

J. Behling

Natalie informs many thankful parents of what is happening in schools and coming down the pipeline from the Dept of Education.

d. critchlow

I would like to express my support of state school board member Natalie Cline.

a. Badger

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for the incredible and heartfelt work Natalie Cline has done and continues to do for Utah, the parents and their kids that participate in the Utah educational system.

Ms. Cline’s desire to do the right thing when it comes to the standards, principles and morals that should be exemplified and part of Utah’s school system is second to none.

t. Cook

Godspeed Natalie Cline!

p. todd

We wholeheartedly support Natalie Cline and her efforts. She speaks the truth and defends families, parents, and students.

All we want is the kids to go to get a traditional education. Mrs. Cline understands this and I am in full support of her efforts.

b. Mcfarland

Natalie Cline speaks the truth and she speaks for me.

a. ward

I support Natalie Cline and I appreciate her courage.

d. haroldsen

I support Natalie Cline and all the work she is doing to expose how corrupt the USBE is.

t. despain

Thanks for speaking out and working for children. Thanks for being pro-life. You have Moral Courage

k. taylor

I would like to voice my support for Natalie Cline. I know she has ruffled some feathers, but as a Utah parent and educator I strongly support her in her efforts to keep our children safe and to inform parents of some of the indecent materials that occasionally make it into our schools.

m. williams

[A]s a parent in Utah I am extremely pleased with the work of your board member named Natalie Cline. She is doing what parents need to know by showing true light on SEL, Critical Race Theory, and how teaching the very young about sex is grooming children.

She is a winner in the sight of all parents.

s. salmond


As a parent of 6 children I am very thankful that we have someone like NATALIE CLINE representing family values and parents!

C. Mattinson

Natalie Cline is the only one who is for STANDING for our children and grandchildren.

She is pretty much the only one I’ll continue to vote for and will put my 100% trust in who she gives her endorsement to.

R. Parks

Natalie… I wish you health, happiness, support and God’s blessings as you carry your banners of truth and justice.

We love what you are standing for.

Steve F.

I wanted to take a moment to speak in support of Ms. Natalie Cline. I appreciate her input and fight for conservative values and equal opportunities for all students within our schools. While she may not directly represent my district, she does represent many values and opinions that I hold near and dear and I am so thankful for that. I appreciate her willingness to speak for those of us who are under represented and truly hope that she continues to hold her position on the board.

L. Samuels

Kudos to Mrs. Cline for raising a warning voice and informing with facts, not simply attacking with emotion. She is a hero to countless Utah parents because of both her courage and integrity.

L. simper

Natalie is a woman of integrity who works hard to address the concerns of her constituents and protect children from the deleterious influences in schools. We need more USBE members like Natalie, who will stand up with courage for what is right.

R. Hansen

Natalie is a champion in standing up against this evil in our schools. I would encourage you to listen to her, to listen to parents all over the state standing against evil!

K. Richey

As an elected board member, Natalie has a moral obligation to advocate for the safety of these children and inform parents of programs, curriculum, policies etc. that she finds would be detrimental to their child’s development, ultimately putting them in harm’s way.

We parents are not in school with our children, we do not write policies and we don’t get to choose what gets into the classroom. Natalie has been true to her oath of office by not only informing her constituents and actively inviting parents to be part of the process, but by staying true to her conscience and responsibilities to God and country.

j. Bianco

I agree with Natalie Cline.

Natalie Cline represents the common people of Utah and our values.

s. gilbert


She is the only reason I’m OK with my kids still attending public schools at the moment. Because I know that Natalie will let me know what my rights are.


I truly wish more board members had the courage Natalie Cline has and would stand and speak what they truly see, and not worry about the consequences. I wish they would speak their mind so I would have a better idea of who I want to vote for. Not speaking in sound bites, vague promises, or lies to those that vote them in. Natalie is willing to put her reputation, her school board positions, and everything on the line to stand up for what she believes is best. We need more people, not less, like her.


I support Natalie Cline.

Natalie is standing up [for] common sense and Constitutional values. Please help her defend our girls and our boys from the federal government busybodies and predators.

l. maher

As a parent of students in utah, I stand with Natalie Cline. She is protecting students and protecting parents’ rights of protecting our own children!

m. johnson

[M]y family supports Natalie Cline. We believe that she has good morals and values and is working hard to keep the education system in Utah clean, transparent, wholesome, etc.

J. Mott

I am writing this email to let you know of my support for Natalie Cline. As far as I can see, she is the only board member who espouses my views and values…my wife and I stand firmly behind her.

B. Nygren

[Natalie] encourages parental participation in children’s education while the government continues to push aside parents and assume that role themselves.

E. Kotter

I would ask each of you to look at all the good Natalie has done on the state school board in looking out for the best interests of our children. I know Natalie personally and she has helped me in several situations in my children’s schools which I shared with her and one of them she resolved within an hour.

N. Nichols

We want you to know that we stand behind Natalie Cline 100%. She is doing all that she can to protect our children. She has the courage of her convictions which is a rare quality these days.

j. Howell

I write in full support of Natalie Cline. She is my elected official on and I am extremely grateful she represents me, my children, and the majority views of those families whom I teach on a daily basis.

t. pippen

I support and stand with Natalie Cline. She is my representative that I elected. She is informing parents and her freedom of speech is trampled every day.

t. Halvorsen

Thanks for the tutorial in how to exercise courage and grace under fire, Natalie.

d. sorenson

I appreciate Natalie Cline for her informing Utah parents about what is happening in our own state. It is critical that her voice be preserved and protected!

t. Lewis

I’m a substitute teacher in Park City, mostly at the high school. I’m also a parent of 2 grown children that graduated from the high school, and are now productive citizens, one a teacher, and the other an engineer. I totally stand with Natalie. 

r. allen

II want to express my complete support for Natalie Cline. She represents my feelings about the role of education. I am grateful she is on the board. 

A good education brings confidence and leads to a meaningful life, which is what Natalie wants for our children.

B. Frederick

Natalie! Great work! You keep making the news on behalf of Utah’s kids and the USBE keeps making news for harassing you ☹ Just thought you could use a note saying you’re doing great. Keep it up!

N. Domingo

I just want to thank you for continuing to fight the good fight. I know you have taken many attacks but your words and actions are so important. Thank you so much!!

E. Yorgasen

Thank you for your service! I know your job is not easy and we are grateful for your willingness to serve our children and to consistently put yourself out on the line for them! Thank you for standing up for our children like you do!!! I pray God bless you and your family greatly for all your efforts!

james & jolene P.

I wish to express my support of Natalie Cline’s work.  She thinks in a healthy balanced way, and is in intelligent in her approach.

K. Bergeson

Natalie, thank you so much for continuing to shine the light in the darkness! Natalie, we need you, and our children need you. I am also praying that you will have the strength and the love of God in you to continue forward in this crucial battle for sanctity.

N. rush